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Why You Need A Responsive Website

04 Apr
need responsive website

Whether you need  a dynamic company website or an ecommerce website you need responsive website. A  responsive theme and website design will be will be very beneficial for your  organization. Responsive Website design is the hottest new trend that is spreading and taking the world by storm as the mindset of internet users is changes everyday. It is observed now that 90% of users are surfing the web with their smart phones and other hand held devices which has completely change the way and manner business online have been done.

  • A New Way Of Doing Business

Whichever way you want to look at it, responsive website is a new way of doing online business because of the increase in mobile traffic, if your website is not responsive then you are loosing 90% of your customers. Your business if online greatly depends on millions of smartphone users worldwide with no respect for the industry your business may belong to. Even if you are running a simple blog, or a small business website, you need to have a responsive website.

  • Benefit of a Responsive Website

There are many benefits of having a website that is responsive and here are some benefits of having a responsive mobile friendly website.

  • Prioritize what you want your users to see

According to an internet statistics, a user decides whether to stay or leave a website within the first 6seconds from the moment he open your website link on the browser and if by the first 6seconds users don’t see their required information they will definitely leave your website and opt for your competitor.

This is the number one reason why you have a website, to give your uers and visitors the real information they want to see, so it is important for your website to load as fast as possible so as to be able to provide maximum information to the users. A responsive website will go a long way in helping you quickly put your information in the face of the users as they find their way to your website.

  • The New trend

According to Wikipedia the new trend is to create a web site and enhance it for smart phones and PCs. It has been estimated that 35% of internet users go online using their smart phones, so If you have a very responsive website that can be displayed on handheld devices then you have a better chance of catching these users.

Your company website design must be created with your target audience in mind. The majority which are the mobile phones users and about 20% which are desktop users. If you need more traffic on your website, then think responsively and you will realize how much traffic you will get and that will certainly lead to more business.

If you wish to increase your business opportunities this year, then consider a responsive website. It usually does not cost that much but it certainly worth every penny that you have paid. So invest in a mobile friendly website to and stay on top of your competitors

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