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On-page  Versus Off-page  SEO

01 Apr
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Are you planning on doing your own search engine optimization? or you wish to hire an expert SEO personnel. Whatever the case may be, it is important to consider some few things. If you wish to invest on SEO or internet marketing campaign then you should get to know some few things about how off-page and onpage optimization works. This will go a long way to realizing a return on investment.

While thinking about SEO, in my own view, a smart move may be to focus on on-page search engine optimization first before spending a lot of money or time on off-page optimization or any other advertising. When that is gotten right and enough time has been given for any changes to have an impact it will be easier to guess how successful your site SEO will benefit you.


It doesn’t matter how much content you have on your website or how long you have owned a website your very first assignment when it comes to SEO is on-page optimization. This will ensure your all pages of your website, titles, tags, and content are focused on the correct keywords that is beneficial to your organization.

Keyword research is vital.

You could improve the traffic to your website but it could be the wrong kind of traffic that comes to your website, so you need to focus on the right keyword. If your website is about Plumbing services but you have customers visiting your website looking for Auto Services, then you have wasted your time. If it is done right the first time it is not something you will have to worry about again. So you need to tweak your keywords or content based on changes to your business model but for the most part you are finished.


Off-page SEO is all the other activities you do that is not directly related to changes on your website. This include social media, writing articles, back links, citations, local listings e.t.c. Anything you do to improve how your website appears on the search engine when a potential customer are looking for a products or services you offer on your website is what investing on. Off-page SEO is something that you should not stop doing. The major search engines change their algorithm often so where you rank today may not be where you rank tomorrow. This is where you need a professional SEO Expert. The changes to your content and the research that needs to be done may be something you can do with a little help but when you need an offpage optimization you may need the help of a professional SEO guru.

It is tough owning a small business when you have to be the expert in all facets but educating yourself will help in the long run when it comes to deciding when and if to hire someone to handle search engine optimization for your business.


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