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Ten Reasons You Should Redesign Your Small Business Website with WordPress

06 Apr

Your business website is arguably your most vital resource. It is your 24/7 digital shop window and will be the first interaction that the majority of potential customers will have with your business. So if it doesn’t look the part, loads sluggishly or, most importantly, lack a mobile version then your business will be loosing business.

If your webssiste takes time to load, give out informations that are not relevant then yo need to consider a new website or a redesign.  So what is the solution?

Say hello to WordPress. WordPress is the wildly popular content management system that powers over a quarter of the whole web including many Government Portals. So if it works for them it can work for you right? Here’s why:

  1. It’s flexible

WordPress content management system (CMS) has the flexibility to give your business exactly what it needs irrespective of the kind of website you are building. The possibilities are endless and unlimited. You can only be limted by your  imagination. With WordPress you have the ability to add various functions and features on your website, styles and eve design to match what you want.

  1. Great blogging platform

Every modern business needs a blog because it’s the easiest way to communicate the latest company news and product offering to your customer base. Up to now platforms like Blogger and Tumblr have been popular choices for small business but now it’s time to bring it in-house.

A WordPress-based site allows you to have a dedicated page for your blog which will give voice to your business and also be a source of regular updated articles, contents and bog post that will boast the SEO of your website including social shares that you receive across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc all lead right back to your website bringing potential customers with them.

  1. WordPress is open source

What ‘open source’ means is that those that use it are able to contribute to its development. But why does this benefit you if you are hiring a web developer to build your website?

Simply put you benefit from the constant improvement. So many people use WordPress now that it is constantly evolving thanks to the contributors of WordPress worldwide that keeps working and helping WordPress to getting better and you don’t have to pay a penny!

  1. WordPress is constantly updating itself for safety and maintenance

Some other Content Management System like Joomla and the likes, leave you the owner to constantly apply update to your website, but not so with WordPress. It updates instantly to keep your site safe, up to date and inline with the latest best practices around security. In short, it’s as safe as houses.

  1. WordPress is SEO friendly

Every business person wants his or her website to show in the search engine, loads faster and work effectively, your sure solution is WordPress to make in helping you make it happen. Its default framework and site architecture is easy for Google bots to crawl and index, and as we all know Google is the king when it comes to search engine.

  1. It’s a language that all developers understand

In their search for the perfect business website, business owners usually hire professional web developers that may look the part on the outside but that no one other than them can manage. This is why WordPress is cool because you can manage your website all by yourself.

WordPress is such a big part of the modern web landscape that all developers have at least some experience of how the code works and how you have the ability to perform day-to-day maintenance features after a web developer has developed the site for you, adding blogs and new products, but each time a problem comes up or you decide the time is right for a makeover you won’t be short of people who can help.

  1. It’s a platform that you can rely on

Having been around for 10 years plus now, WordPress has advanced to the extent that bugs are removed constantly with periodic updates unlike other CMS. It’s not absolutely problem-free (what in the world is?) but it’s about as close as you will find anywhere.

  1. WordPress is mobile friendly

By now you are sure to have heard the stat that mobile web-browsing now outstrips desktop and laptop by a tidy margin and this change in user habit has had an effect on the online landscape. These days Google actively bars websites from its mobile search results if it isn’t mobile friendly. If that’s you then that’s more than half of your potential traffic gone at a stroke.

Happily if you base your website on WordPress you have all of the tools you need to succeed on all devices because WordPress doesn’t just work on mobile, WordPress is an excellent application with theme supported by its developers that have excellent user experience on any device and an easy to use.

  1. Ideal e-commerce platform

These days the amount of items bought over the internet is staggering and is only heading in one direction. WordPress is your ideal platform and a great tool and application because you can easily and beautifully integrate  witith some of the world’s most popular, and elegant, e-commerce solutions like, Prestashop, Woo Commerce and Magento to give your products real wow factor.

What’s more the core of these e-commerce solutions are free but can also be heavily customised to meet specific needs. Are you a business owner that wants to sell online or an organization that want its information to go round the world? No problem, WordPress have you covered.

  1. It’s a powerful marketing ally

Want to get your products out to as many people as possible and measure the behaviours of your customer base? WordPress is your platform. With WordPress you can get your whole product range on Google Shopping and bring customers looking for exactly what you sell directly to you.

So if you are a business person that needs a website, then think wordpress.

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