Discover the tenets, skills, tactics and strategies to attract a seven digit income in UI Design. 

In this UI Design Masterclass, you will learn internationally practiced industry-standard theories, methods, and systems for designing and developing effective user interfaces (UIs). Upon completion, you will developed astute design eloquence with design theories, fundamental principles, systems and patterns used in the fast growing design industry.  With sound evaluation techniques necessary for creating intuitive interfaces that facilitate good user experiences.

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Get the highest in demand skill of the 21st century design industry and work with firms, agencies, and and teams around the world.

You will learn everything required to achieve relevance in the design industry of the 21st century. Design has fast evolved massively from print to digital, hence the demand for digital designers keep growing on and on. Learn demonstrated fluency through in-depth lessons and tutorials that will not only equip you with a sound skill repertoire, but will also empower you with the tenets you need to earn seven digits working from home in the fast-growing field of UI design.

  • Everything UI Design, from Inception to Prototype level..
  • Learn best softwares for design and prototype, Figma and Adobe XD
  • Get to understand the nitty-gritty of design systems, and build the skill set needed to work with top tech firms globally.

See what other persons just like you, who my trainings and courses have helped to land both local and international six figure gigs.

Kcee437 Product Designer

Having to meet you and sitting under your trainings and tutorship was an epic turnaround for me personally, my design career experienced a noticeable shift. I now work with Friends of Figma group, amongst other local agencies and tech teams designing products and software solutions.

I was quite a creative guy doing designs and printing locally, but after I found your course, I followed everything in the course, though it was not immediately but I made upto five times the income I would normally make in a month within weeks from UI Design jobs, I earned an international freelance job too, applying the things you teach.

Treasure Monday UI Designer

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The goal is that you join the upper tier of designers making tangible impacts globally today.

In one of my speeches, I told an audience of graphic designer that they too can earn as much as and even more than software and web developers, they seemed to question the theory. But after going through the fundamental concepts, design theories, and design systems that is taught on this course, they were the same persons propagating the same theory they doubted on the social media with tangible proofs. You too can share this kind of testimony.


You are guaranteed of total client satisfaction on the usage of this course. At any point should you indicate displeasure or unsatisfaction we will sure make a 100% refund after due processes have been observed.

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Is UI Design same as UX Design?